Calm Kids

When Urgency Masks the Impact: Reimagining School Safety Drills for 77 Million Students

Where Preparedness Meets Emotional Well-being

Tired of drills that scare more than prepare? Meet Calm Kids. We deliver school safety drills designed to protect both lives and emotional health. With our targeted drills and emotional assessments, we ensure readiness without the anxiety.

Prepare Safely, without the emotional toll. School safety is crucial, but emotional well-being shouldn't be the cost.

We're building a next-generation approach to keeping our kids safe, and calm.

FEATURES: Built Around You

For Students:

Personalized Safety Education

For Parents:

A New Level of Peace of Mind

For Teachers:

Empowerment through Education

For Administrators:

Efficient and Effective School-wide Programs

For Law Enforcement:

Enhanced Community Safety

BENEFITS: Elevating Safety and Emotional Wellness for All

For Students:

Unlock a Future of Fearlessness

For Parents:

Rest Easy Knowing Your Children Are Prepared

For Teachers:

Educate with Confidence

For Administrators:

Pioneering a Holistic Safety Standard

For Law Enforcement:

Building Trust, One School at a Time

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you assess the emotional state of each student?

Our specialized emotional assessment uses scientifically validated indicators to gauge a student's emotional readiness for a lockdown drill. This ensures that each student receives a lockdown drill experience tailored to their emotional well-being.

How are the assessments used in practice?

After conducting the initial emotional assessments, we categorize students into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 statuses. Each tier receives a different level of drill and personalized attention to ensure maximum benefit and minimum emotional stress.

What does "personalized 'Trauma Education' curriculum" mean?

Personalized Trauma Education involves creating unique educational experiences based on the emotional assessments. For example, Tier 1 students can participate in a more rigorous drill while Tier 3 students might be pulled out of drills altogether for individualized guidance.

What's involved in the "Lockdown Drill"?

Our Lockdown Drill is a comprehensive exercise involving simulated emergency situations. It's conducted in coordination with teachers, administrators, and, where applicable, local law enforcement to ensure a holistic approach to safety.

How do you ensure teacher and administrator engagement?

We start from the top down, first addressing teacher and administrator SEL (Social Emotional Learning) before moving on to students. We also offer ongoing training, resources, and support to ensure successful implementation of our program.

What is the "Final Report," and who sees it?

The Final Report is a comprehensive summary that includes emotional assessments, drill effectiveness, and recommendations for future actions. This is typically shared with school administrators and may be shared in part or whole with teachers, law enforcement, and parents as deemed appropriate.

How does your program interact with law enforcement?

Law enforcement plays an essential role in our program, helping us to coordinate drills and providing valuable feedback for future preparedness. Their involvement ensures our drills are as realistic and useful as possible.

Do you provide any follow-up or ongoing support?

Absolutely, our program includes periodic check-ins and can be supplemented with ongoing professional development sessions for teachers and administrators. We also provide updates and improvements to our curriculum based on the latest research.

How do you address privacy and data security?

We take privacy and data security extremely seriously. All emotional assessments and student data are encrypted and securely stored, accessible only to authorized personnel.

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